Easter 2020 York Events

Easter 2020 York Events Guideline


Easter is fast approaching and you need to be well-prepared if you want to have a blast during the season. If you will be spending Easter weekend in the city of York, you are in luck because preparations are underway to ensure everyone enjoys a memorable season. Here are some activities you may want to be a part of. 


York Easter Family Festival 

York’s parliament street is the place to be this Easter if you are looking for a fun-filled family event. The festival will run from Good Friday to Easter Monday between 10 am -4 pm. Some of the best activity providers will come on board to ensure everyone lives to remember Easter 2020 in York. There will be exciting free kids’ activities that include face painting and performances by Punch & Judy. The little ones will also get an opportunity to win a £50 Fenwick voucher by participating in an Easter colouring competition. Other sessions will include: 

  • Storytelling
  • Drama workshops
  • Cooking lessons  
  • Baby massage 
  • Crafts 
  • Fast-paced sports 
  • Pampering for mums 
  • Musical theatre 
  • Comedy workshops 
  • Dancing demos & classes and so much more 


York Chocolate Festival 

Chocolate remains a huge part of York’s present, future, and past as some of the most well-known chocolate brands come from York including Smarties, KitKat, and Aero amongst others. Prepare to enjoy the most chocolate-filled Easter season in the UK’s chocolate capital. Running from 9th-12th April get a chance to explore the chocolate trail in York as you uncover some of the most iconic parts of the chocolate heritage in the city. Visit York’s Chocolate Story to learn about the interesting history of confectionery and chocolate in York. 


Easter Egg Hunt 

Easter would not be complete if there was no egg hunt. Thankfully, York got you covered when it comes to this. The Easter Bunny will be camping in York with their friend at King’s Square for a one-of-a-kind Easter egg hunting experience. Kids will interact with costumed characters as they play some incredible games while looking to spot the hidden chocolate eggs. You can also head off to Fountains Abbey for a Cadbury Easter Egg hunt. This comes with a little twist as you will be helping Henry the honey bee find all the friends he has lost. 


Easter Fun at York Castle Museum 

During Easter, the Castle Museum is another sight you may want to visit. There will be plenty of activities and events to take part in. Get ready to learn how to make Hot Cross buns and channel your creativity by making a Victorian card design. The museum will also have an Easter egg trail that will include various clues around the museum. Additionally, revellers will also get a chance to participate in spoon and egg races, prize draw competitions, and treasure hunts. 


There is no chance of getting bored during the long Easter weekend in York. The city will be bustling with loads of different activities for children and adults as well. All you have to do is identify the ones that bring joy to your soul and enjoy away. 

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