Eboracum Festival York 1st to 4th June 2017

After the success of last year’s Eboracum Roman Festival, which saw more than 28,000 people attend, the festival returns to York this June with a varied and full programme of displays, exhibits, events and activities suitable for all ages. The Eboracum Roman Festival is hosted in the York Museum Gardens with a variety of exciting events including military parades, siege weapon demonstrations, a camp showing what domestic life was like during the period, as well as stalls selling themed goods. Eboracum Festival York The Yorkshire Museum will be running all sorts of activities and workshops over the course of the weekend, with additional events taking place at venues across the city. There will also be the opportunity to participate in guided walks hosted by experts from the city. The event itself will be held on the 1st to the 4th June. One of the key features of the event will be the Roman Camp. Here, you can experience the sights, sounds and smells of Roman Eboracum come to life for two days in the beautiful grounds of York Museum Gardens. You will be able to meet the Legionary soldiers and their families in a colourful tented camp and learn about their weapons, armour, lifestyle, beliefs and food. On Saturday and Sunday the Romans will parade. Six Roman Legions, along with Roman civilians will march through the streets of York. Within the Yorkshire Museum, you will be able to visit the Wold Newton Hoard. This Roman Hoard is the largest of its period to be found in the North and it contains incredibly rare coins from a time of great uncertainty in the Roman Empire and in Yorkshire. On the 3rd and 4th June you can take part in a range of archaeological activities with the professional archaeologists from Archaeological Services WYAS. Experience the many ways in which archaeologists record and interpret sites and artefacts with the most up-to-date technologies, come and have a go at digital 3D modelling of Roman objects and geophysical surveying of the York Museum Gardens. Whatever you decide to do, you will be able to experience an amazing few days at this event. Check out one of our short stay apartments in York to get the most out of your visit by having the festival on your doorstep!

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