Eboracum Roman Festival June 2019

Eboracum Roman Festival Don’t forget that the York Roman Festival is being held in June! As part of the celebrations from the 1st to the 3rd June there is a line-up of events across the city. On 2 June, 12.45pm and 3 June, 12.30pm see the Roman Parades. Six Roman Legions and Roman civilians will march through the centre of York. The route each day will start from York Museum Gardens and the march will go via Lendal, St Helen’s Square, Davygate, Church Street, Petergate, Deangate, York Minster, Duncombe Place, Blake Street and Lendal. This is completely free so find your spot for this spectacle.

On 2nd June you can experience the following: 11.00am – Festival opening within the Living History Camp 12 noon – Gun salute 12.30pm – Inspection of the Roman troops by Garrison Sergeant Major Brian Kiernan 12.45pm – Roman Parade through York 1.30pm – Birds of Prey demonstrations with Owl Adventures 2.00pm – Social history demonstration 3.00pm – Military Display 3.30pm – Kids Army 4.00pm – Arena closes On the Sunday 3rd June the program will consist of: 11.00am – Civilian Display 11.30am – Social history demonstration 12.15pm – Muster of the Legions 12.30pm – Roman Parade through York 1.00pm – Birds of prey demonstrations with Owl Adventures 1.30pm – Roman cookery demonstration 2.15pm – Military display 2.45pm – Kids Army 3.15pm – Military display 3.45pm – Birds of prey demonstrations with Owl Adventures 4.15pm – Arena closes For those who are more interested in a detailed history of the Romans in York, you can attend lectures being held at the TA Hall at the Yorkshire Museum.

On the 3rd June, at 11am join Dr Rob Collins as he talks about the Dux Britanniarum, a Gerneral responsible for the frontier units of northern Britannia. But what do we know about this office? Was he based at York, as is often assumed? This talk will consider the evidence for the office of this powerful late Roman general. Later on at 3pm, Alex Croom talks about Roman Housework. Nowadays we have water at the turn of a tap and light by the flick of a switch. How did the Romans get water, light their houses, heat rooms, wash dishes or get rid of their rubbish? This talk looks at the real everyday life of a Roman. If you’re looking for something to keep the kids entertained, why not try the Eboracum trail on the Saturday and Sunday. Pick up a free trail at the Archaeology Zone, the Hospitium or the Yorkshire Museum reception which takes you around the highlights of the Festival. Collect stamps and autographs along the way to make sure you take in the whole festival. On Saturday and Sunday, 11am – 1pm and 2pm – 4pm you can be through your paces to see if you are the right calibre for the Roman Army. You can learn about Lucius, Standard Bearer for the Ninth Legion. Try your hand at making your own Eagle of the Ninth standard and take part in sword and shield drill. The Eboracum festival promises to be an amazing few days for people of all ages. We expect accommodation to be booked up fast so don’t hesitate and get in touch!

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