Why every student should consider York to study

York city is host to The University of York and York St John University. Both universities have gained popularity over the years and have good academic performance ratings. St John University was founded in 1841 and currently has an enrolment of just under 6,000 students. The University of York began in 1963 with just 230 students. The two universities have a range of diverse clubs and activities that you can enjoy throughout student life. They also offer accommodation both on campus and throughout the city. York’s history dates back centuries so for any student with an interest in the history of England there is loads to discover! Immerse yourself in some of the greatest moment in history through the city.

Social life in York

Everyone loves fun and so do students. During your first year it is highly recommended that you find accommodation on campus. Being on campus is the best place to make memories and get new friends. As a first year, it is also important that you know of all the best places to spend time with your new found friends!

Eating Out

York city has an array of restaurants and bars that allow you to experience cuisine from all over the world. We have listed out a few of our favourites below. El Gaucho – if you love a big perfectly made steak then you should visit this authentic Argentinian steakhouse. If steak isn’t your thing then they also have chicken and salmon dishes available. Gibsons – they have specialised in making smoked ribs and the flavours are just amazing. Enjoy a few drinks at their bar before sampling these delightful dishes. Revolution – this is actually the cheapest place to visit if you are a member of a club or if you have a societies card. They have offer for cocktail and food too. Lucia’s – when the folks come up from home to visit, the stylish and elegant surroundings of Lucia restaurant and bar are perfect. Lucia do a range of Italian dishes and host a variety of fine wines.

Night life

Nights out have long been a core part of university life. York city offers a variety of pubs, clubs and bars catering for an array of different musical tastes. Some of the best pubs include Wagon and Horses, Courtyard and The Rose and Crown. They all have really good offers at certain time during the week and a good atmosphere to enjoy. The best cocktails places in York include Dusk, Revolution and Evil Eye. Visit any of these bars to sample a range of great cocktails. For the more adventurous it is only a short train ride to the 24 hour city of Leeds with trains back running through the nights.


For all that are into photography, art, tourism you must visit York Art Museum, Clifford’s Tower, York Minister, Railway Museum, Castle Museum, Yorkshire Museum, The York Dungeon and York’s Chocolate Story.

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