Exciting Summer Events in York

Visit York Minster Northern Lights See York Minster in a new way when the cathedral opens its doors after hours for Northern Lights, light projection and sound installation which will bring to life the Minster's Nave. Artists from The Projection Studio have designed the piece, taking inspiration from the Minster's stained glass and architecture. The Projection Studio have won two Guinness World Records for their work Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the Minster at dusk, with its cavernous Nave completely cleared of chairs and filled with music from the cathedral's organ, before the light and sound installation starts at 9.30pm. Projection artist Ross Ashton and sound artist Karen Monid have designed the piece to be an immersive experience, using the roof of the Nave and Great West Window – which features the famous Heart of Yorkshire – as a backdrop for the breath-taking light projection. Visitors will be surrounded by music and sound effects as part of the experience, including music recorded by the York Minster Choir. Doors open at 8pm with last admission at 9pm. The Northern Lights installation will show from 9.30pm with the event finishing at approximately 10pm. Also making an appearance this summer until September 2nd is Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre at Clifford Tower. Over 400 years ago, the first audiences for Shakespeare’s plays enjoyed an experience that was as intimate as it was exciting, crowded in right next to those on stage and the action, in a small theatre in the bustling city of London. Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre provides an experience that will be every bit as exciting, intimate and immersive. This will be a dramatic playhouse setting beside the iconic 13th century Clifford’s Tower in the heart of the historic city of York. Inspired by the famous London Rose Playhouse built in 1587 (12 years prior to The Globe), the theatre will combine state-of-the-art scaffolding technology, corrugated iron and timber with the historic 13-sided design of a 16th century Shakespearean theatre. It will house an audience of 950, with 600 seated on three tiered balconies around an open-roofed courtyard, and standing room for 350 ‘groundlings’. Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre will sit within a Shakespearean village showcasing the best of Yorkshire’s food and drink, with free wagon performances and other forms of Elizabethan entertainment vying for attention.

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