Exploring Outside of York

In this post we’ll review some places near the city of York where you can experience the many things Yorkshire has to offer. York is a city of rich heritage, and is the centre of some of England’s brightest socio-political moments in history. As such, the city and the vicinity offer a lot for tourists. We’ll first mention that you can visit Castle Howard, which is to be found near the city of York. While this place is not a classical castle, it still offers a breath-taking experience to visitors. The entire property is located on a ground of over a thousand acres, and you can expect to see some of the most beautiful sights that you can imagine. There are gardens and places where the nature is so tranquil and peaceful, that you can easily be made to feel as one with it. The house itself is beautiful to explore. Trust us, you’ll have a great day exploring this place and all it has to offer. The town of Leeds is also to be found near York. You can visit this city as well if you’re up for a fun time. For one, the city of Leeds has a rich cultural and artistic heritage, and is the centre of England’s art. It has produced a big number of England’s most famous artists and sculptors, such as John Atkinson Grimshaw, Jacob Kramer, Barbara Hepworth, and many others. So, if you have any artistic tendencies and are in any way interested in art, you’ll love it here – you can check out the famous Leeds municipal art gallery that has been standing for more than a century. Also, Leeds is the home of many parks and open spaces. So, if you’re up for walking around while sightseeing sights of nature, this is definitely the place for you. And how about enjoying a world-class spa treatment? Well, you can experience this around 15 miles from York. The town of Harrogate, has been consistently voted the happiest town in Britain. If you enjoy taking hot baths, then this is definitely the place for you. The water in the spa centers of Harrogate is full of iron, sulphur and common salt. As such, it’s a really healthy way for you to relax for a while and forget about your worries. Not to be outdone by the town of Leeds, the town of Harrogate has a fascinating art gallery as well - The Mercer Art Gallery. Here you’ll be able to see no less than 2000 different works of art by some of the preeminent English masters of art. So, if you want to travel some place new and enjoy exploring it, short stay York is your next mission. Once you’ve take in the beauty and history of York you can visit all of the places that we’ve mentioned. Each place is an easy drive from the centre of York. So relax, enjoy the scenery and sample everything the area has to offer. You won’t be disappointed!

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