More Summer Events in York

The Micklegate Run soapbox challenge was such a huge success last year and this year promises to be no different. It is being held on Monday 27th August and entries are being accepted into this fun and exciting race. There are 7 different race categories including “most innovative design of a cart” and “joker of the day”. 50 soapboxes of all shapes and sizes will be raced for a good cause. Come and see the races at Micklegate on the day or even enter your own team! A slightly different sporting challenge is the Run for All York 10k being held on the 5th August. Starting at the Knavesmire, the runners will work their way around the ancient streets of the city. If you haven’t yet entered you can visit the race office on the Saturday before or on the day of the race to register. The Race Office is open on Saturday between 12:00pm and 3:00pm or Sunday from 7:30am. If you’d prefer something that gets your heart racing in a different way why not try the Ghost Cruise on the Ouse with the York Dungeon? Partnering with City Cruises York, the York Dungeon and their amazing actors, celebrate the ghosts of York on the Ghost Cruise on the Ouse. Join the infamous Yorkshire prophetess Old Mother Shipton and Roman soothsayer Tiberius Fabius Bibulus as they take you back into York's dark past, and regale you with some of York's most infamous ghost stories. As you sail down the river, things will take a ghostly turn as you learn about 11 of the city's spectral sightings on this excellent tour through Europe's most haunted City! The tours run on Friday and Saturday between the 3rd and 25th August starting at 6pm. If you’d like to stay with the magical then Barley Hall is offering a series of magical crafting sessions. Each weekend they will be offering a different crafting activity, all exploring different aspects of magic and superstition in the medieval period. Crafts on offer will include: • Charm making • Wand making • Telescope Construction Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to make your stay relaxing with one of our amazing serviced properties!

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