Top 3 Things to Do on a York Short Stay

It’s not hard to apply some imagination whilst walking the streets of York. Head down one street and you’re in a picturesque riverside city on the banks of the Ouse; down another and you’re steep in 2,000 years of bloody British history, wandering among shadowy alleys, along Roman roads, to the magnificent Gothic Minster. But somehow, yet York never feels stuck in the past. A new movement of lively restaurants, shops, pubs and world-class museums and attractions mean it is becoming a mecca for tourists. So what are the best ways to spend a few days in York. What should you do to make the most of your precious time in the city? We list out the top 3 things to when visiting the city for a short stay in York.


No short stay in York would be complete without sampling food at some of the finest establishments in Yorkshire. Whether you’re in need breakfast, lunch or dinner York has something to care for everyone. Try the funky and different Bicis y Mas in Walmgate for a spot of breakfast and warming coffee amongst an amazing range of world class bikes. This café come bike shop is renowned for the quality of it’s food and relaxed atmosphere. If you need to stop somewhere for lunch whilst meandering around the city Goji vegetarian on Goodramgate has an amazing array of vegetarian delights. Try the Hummus Platter which can be shared for something light whilst you rest your tired legs. Dinner brings about a huge array of options but one of our favourites is Skosh on Micklegate. The surroundings in Skosh provide a modern, contemporary feel and the dishes certainly stand from the other restaurants in the area. Skosh provide small dishes, similar to a tapas experience and the taste is divine.


Traditional ale drinkers are spoilt for choice and a short stay wouldn’t provide enough time to appreciate every recommended pub. Craft beer is on the rise and York leads the way with a wealth of craft beer establishments. Try the unusual House of the Trembling Madness on Stonegate for a quirky medieval craft beer experience or the York Tap situated in the train station for more traditional surroundings. Those who prefer their drinks in more opulent surroundings can head over to Lucia Wine Bar & Grill. This wine bar come restaurant has a fantastic ambience that lends itself well to sampling some of the best fine wines York has to offer.


A critical part of your stay in York is finding the best accommodation in the city. There are a huge number of hotels but we find that having your own serviced apartment is a great way to experience the city. Serviced accommodation in York can provide a slower, more relaxed approach to your time in York. For example, you can chill and have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, without getting dressed or having to leave the room. The kids can stretch out and enjoy more time outside. Whatever you decide to do in York, there are a wealth of options available. Follow our blog for more information on York!

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