York Food and Drink Festival 2018

This September, food lovers from across the country will descend on the city of York to sample a range of culinary delights at the annual Food and Drink Festival. From the 21st to the 30th September the festival will run events across the city. The festival will include food and wine tasting, talks, cookery demonstrations and hands-on workshops in some of the finest buildings in the city. In addition for this year there is the Food Factory. The Food Factory provides a great experience for families where you will learn to make pasta, ice-cream, bread and butter. You can even finish off at the York Cocoa Works for a chocolate activity! The festival is also featuring “taste workshops” that provide a great opportunity to learn about local produce from the people who make it! In the taste workshops you will be able to see the production of chocolate from bean to bar at the Cocoa Works. There is also the opportunity to learn more about the production of coffee, beers, cheese and bread in the local area. There are an additional number of mini events running throughout the festival. The Festival Wine Fair on the 28th September will be hosted at the DoubleTree Hilton hotel. Both independent suppliers and supermarkets will have an array of wines on offer to sample and buy. If wine pairings are more your thing then why not head along to a tasting with Hugh Crichton. Hugh is the Vidal Estate Winemaker. This event takes place on the 18th September between 7pm and 9pm at the Pairings Wine Bar. Tickets are just £25 for this great event. For pizza lovers why not head down to Jamie’s Italian on the 21st September at 3pm for a pizza masterclass? In this session you’ll learn how to Jamie’s famous sourdough pizza for just £11.50 per ticket. Whatever you decide to do, we have a range of properties available to stay and relax after a hard day of eating and drinking!

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