Flat 1 93c Front street is one out of four of our cozy little front street apartments located just 1.8 miles away from York city centre.

This stunning apartment is fully decorated and furnished to a very high standard with modern and comfortable furnishings running throughout the property.

The apartment provides everything you could possibly need for any length of stay in York. It has all the modern conveniences to make your life that little bit easier during your break away!

The kitchen area provides all electrical appliances such as the oven, hob and washing machine.

The lovely cosy living area provides a large flat screen TV and comfortable sofa.

The bedroom offers a luxury king size bed and a flat screen TV. Perfect place to fall into after a long day out exploring York!

This magnificent little property is perfect for couples, friends or familes and is an excellent base for a day out in the city, while still having the opportunity to enjoy a nice relaxing retreat in a quite corner of York.

The apartment offers free parking and High speed wifi throughout your stay.

It is the perfect home form home property to enjoy whether you are visitng York for a few nights or looking to stay for a few months! You will not be dissapointed!

Offers for 30 nights plus on this property -£1300 per month including all bills -Great for corporate stays !

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November 4, 2017 13:19
Nice unit in a residential area. Clean and well appointed. Easy to find and close to shops and the local supermarket.

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