This 2 bedroom apartment is on the first floor. The apartments are beautifully modern with contemporary furnishings and a light, neutral decor. The apartment has a modern living/dining kitchen space, a modern family bathroom with a bath and a shower, and beautifully decorated bed. The living room has a double sofa bed to accommodate extra guests. It has views towards the City Walls and our leafy courtyard. The apartment comes with fast wireless broadband which is free of charge for all our guests. Ideally located just outside the Monkgate City Walls and a short walk from the magnificent Minster and a 5 minute walk to coney street the main shopping strip in York.
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December 17, 2017 16:25
What a lovely place to stay. Super stylish, close to the city walls and centre of York. Really cosy feeling and enjoyed being there very much. I would definitely recommend this to all. There's a car park just next to the place although it is very expensive per day.

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